Policy Evaluation

Assessment of the impact of policies and measures

Policy plans put in place to reduce energy consumptions and emissions require impact assessments. ECONOTEC performs this assessment measures:

  • Ex Post: to validate the impact of a policy carried out;
  • Ex Ante: to assess the trajectory of policies aimed at achieving a particular goal.

This evaluation is accompanied by:

  • The establishment of indicators, prior to the policy, to ensure a regular monitoring and the effectiveness of the measure, and a to be able to propose adjustments where necessary;
  • Sensitivity analyses to determine the application limits of the measures analysed;
  • The development of cost curves, to help choosing the most effective measures;
  • The development of tools allowing the applicant to test himself sensitivities on the measures to be implemented.


  • Sustainable Energy Management Plan of the Walloon Region;
  • National Energy Efficiency Action Plans for the Walloon Region;
  • Indicators for Brussels Environment;
  • Tools for the Walloon Region, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
  • Evaluation of measures of the federal climate policy.